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2013 Bucks

Gap Club Stoney Creek
Above and right: A few fine bucks from
the Gap Club in Stoney Creek.
Gap Club Stoney Creek
Hamilton County
Paul Bourgeois (with son, Paul, and grandson, Gabe)  from Mesa, AZ.
with a 145-pound, 11-pointer taken Nov. 29 in Hamilton County.
Saratoga County
Greg Pytel arrowed this 196-pound,  8-pointer  Oct., 2013
during bow season in Saratoga County.
Deer Hunting Blue Mountain Lake
Rodney Rodriguez shot this 190-pound,
8-pointer in Blue Mountain Lake.
Indian Lake
Scott Nedrow of Pittsburgh, PA shot this 8-pointer on
Nov, 19 near Indian Lake, his first Adirondack buck!
12-point Adirondack buck
Martin Nestle of Hartford, NY shot this 12-point
buck in Fort Ann on Nov. 16.

Horn Hunters of the Adirondacks
Pete Bruno of the Horn Hunters shot this 160-pound,
11 pointer on Dec. 1 in Essex County.
 Doug Coons took this Hogtown 6-pointer at Windy Hill Club
on the last day of the Northern Zone rifle season.
Horn Hunters
Pat Cronin of the Horn Hunters shot this 150-pound, 10-pointer
on Nov. 23 in Essex County.
Indian Lake
Wade Wnuk with 8-pointer shot in Indian Lake Nov. 28.
The buck that got away
This Saratoga County buck got away.

Ten Point Buck
Cameron Stark of Fort Ann with a 202-pound,
10-pionter taken Nov. 3
bow kill
Zak Frazier from Gloversville, Fulton County, with an archery
season 8-pointer taken on Columbus Day. It was his first deer!
Carlos DuBuque took this 215-pound, 8-pointer while hunting out
of Camp Squaw in Hamilton County on Dec. 6.
Hamilton County Bucks
This 210-pound 8-pointer was taken on Dec. 4by Drew Peacock while
hunting out of Camp Squaw in Hamilton County.
Rus Grimes

Russell grimes shot this 8-pointer on
Nov. 9 in the Southern Adirondacks.

Rathbun's Sugar House
Matt Rathbun of Rathbun's Maple Sugarhouse sent this trail-cam
photo of a bobcat he was seeing on his cameras multiple times
just before deer season.

Adirondack Whitetails
Brett Weakley's 2013 Adirondack buck
Steve Santa Maria's 2013 Hamilton County buck.
ADK Tracker
Trevor Tormey and Eric Boek)teamed up on this
Indian Lake 10 point on Nov. 24. Check out Eric's
ADKTRACKER Youtube channel.

Crown Point
Logan Harrington, age 15, of Crown Point got her
first buck, a 153-pound, 10-pointer taken on Dec. 1.
Late Muzzleloading season
Logan Harrington 15 years old first buck 153 lb. 10 pt. crown point New York. dec 1st
Mike Austin tok this 142-pounds, 10-pointer during
the late muzzleloading season on Dec. 10 at the
Knob Pond Club in Crown Point NY.
Bobcat Trapping in the Adirondacks
Randy Beckwith with a pair of bobcats trapped
late in 2013.
Indian Lake
Jeff Kraft from New Jersey shot this 7-poiter in
Indian Lake is 6-year-old son at his side.
Indian Lake
Brad Hutchins tracked this 8-pointer whild hunting
out of the Alamo Camp in Indian Lake
Town of Day
Justin Hayes took this 185-pound, 7-pointer on Nov. 10
in the Town of Day in Saratoga County.
Loon Brook
The Gordon crew of West Fort Ann with an 8-pointer taken Nov. 9
out of their tent camp in Blue Mt. Lake.
William Williams
William Williams with an Adirondack 10-pointer.
Mark Viscosi of Gloversville shot this 11-pointer on Thanksgiving
morning in Edinburg.

Warren County
Mike Baker shot this 184-pound, 9 pointer in
Warren County.

Ryan Kelley of Ballston Spa took this 190-pound,
10-Pointer in Greenfield on Nov. 12.

Warren County
John Liberty's 10-pointer taken in Warren County,
Dec. 13 with a muzzleloader.

French Lou
Louis French tracked this buck down Nov. 24
near Raquette Lake.
Essex County
Tom Savarie finished off his season on Dec. 1
with this Essex County 8-pointer.
Harlan French tracked down this 10-pointer near
Raquette Lake on Nov. 24.

The Salerno family had another great season in the
Adirondack high country.

First Buck
Nick Klemczak's first Adirondack buck taken Nov. 30 with
the Ridge Runner Hunting Club.
Mike Julian from Waterford, NY doe bleated in this 165-pound,
9-pointer in Essex County in the town of Schroon on Nov. 26th.
Youn Hunter
14-yea-old Willie Lee traveled from Altoona, Wisconsin
to shoot this 8-pointer while visiting Camp Squaw in
Hamilton County on Dec. 3.
Indian Lake
Joey King shot this 130-pound, 5-pointer near
Indian Lake on Nov. 25.
Fulton County
Mike Ioele harvested this 167-pound, 11-pointer
in Fulton County on Nov. 9.

Paul Waytkus shot this 9-pointer in Johnsburg on Dec. 8.

This Herkimer County 10-pointer was taken by Bill Williams
and the Mill Brook Club in the late season.
Warren County
Bill Russell with a 177-pound, 9 pointer, taken Nov. 2 in Warren County.
Zack Chapman of South Glens Falls shot this 120-pound, 8-pointer
on Dec. 7 with the Lonesome Pine Gang in Indian Lake.
Sylvan Falls
Jeremey Sweeney with a 4-pointer shot Nov. 27 at
Sylvan Falls Club in the northern Adirondacks
Steve Lewis of South Glens Falls grunted in this 168-pound,
8-pointer in Essex County.

Todd & Charlie Mead
Todd and Charlie Mead with Charlie's 9-pointer taken
Thanksgiving weekend.

Iron Site Gang
The Iron Site Gang had a succesful late season.
Darren West shot 173-pound, 8-pointer in
Newcomb as it chased a doe.
Lake George
Michael Morehouse shot this 140-pound, 8-pointer
in Lake George on Dec. 2.
Jeff Zakrzewski of Greenfield Center with a
145-pound, 8-pointer.
Long Lake Hotel
Andy Pauls and Mark Kovalewski in Long Lake
with a 186-pound, 10-pointer.
Essex County
Scott VanBramer shot this 185-pound, 9-pointer in
Elizabethtown on Dec. 1 .
Franklin County
Mike DeFuria's Franklin County 8-pointer taken Nov. 24.

Jim George shot this non-typical 12-pointer on
Nov. 30 in Hamilton County.

Frank DeSantis took this 165-pound, 9-pointer in
Hamilton County on Nov. 26.

Dan Looman took this 8-Pointer on Nov. 30 in
the Town of Day.

NJ Hunter
New Jersey resident Vito Bet has been hunting in Indian Lake
for 31 years and recently harvested this big Adirondack buck.

Jonathan Whitmarsh of Peru, NY with a 10-pointer taken
Nov. 12 at the Sarahsburgh Lodge in St. Lawrence County

Eric S. Thomas of Potsdam, with a 175-pound, 10-pointer, taken
while hunting from the Follensby Park Gate House Camp,
Tupper Lake NY.  Nov. 26.

Buck Mountain
Colin francett of Queensbury with an 8-pointer he
rattled in on Nov. 23 on Buck Mt, Pilot Knob.
Joe mattison of Hudson Falls with a big 9-pointer
from Kingsbury.

Peter Casatelli shot this cryptorchidism 7-pointer in Onieda County.
North Bolton
Lee Garrand of with a 10-pointer taken Nov. 14 out of
the WoodsBum Camp in North Bolton.

Stony Creek
Jim Conley took this 12 point drop-tine in
Stony Creek on Nov. 23rd.

Bird Brook
Jake Denton, member of Birdbrook hunting club,
with his 160-pound, 4-pointer from Warren County.
Warren County
Rod Hedrick shot this 6-pointer in Warren County.
Chantal Corture shot this 140-pound, 8-pointer while
hunting with the Iron Site Gang in Hogtown on Nov. 15.
Dave Whiney of Fishhouse took this 5 1/2-year-old
12-pointer that scored in the high 140s and weighed 180 pounds.

John haresign of Hannibal, NY tracked this
170-pound, 7-pointer in Osceola.

Schroon Lake
Sean Shaughnessy with his first adirondack buck, 140-pound
8-pointer taken near Schroon Lake.
Adam Arquette tracked down this 8-pointer in
Hamilton County on Nov. 11.
The Ghost Chasers of Hogtown, NY with
5-pointer taken on Nov. 20.
Pistol Hunting
Bryan Draus shot this 6-pointer with a T/C Contender .375jdj
in Providence
Eddie Prevost took this 200-pound, 8-pointer
on Nov. 15 in Johnstown.
Jerry Zorechak of Paul Smith's College rattled in
this 8-pointer on Nov. 13 in Franklin County.
Mudhole Club
Joe Kovatchitch of Herkimer, NY with a 168-pound,
9-pointer taken in Lewis County on Nov. 13th at Mudhole Lodge Club.
Blue Mt. Lake
Bruce Mitchell Jr. shot this 11-pointer Nov. 10
while still-hunting in Blue Mountain Lake.
Tim Taylor took this 160-pound, 8-pionter on
Nov. 15 in Johnsburg.
Saratoga County
Brian Winney with a 155-pound, 9-point on
Nov. 17 in Saratoga County.
Washington County
Joe Arquette with a 130-pound, 8-pointer
shot in Washington County.
Keith Peters of Moriah, NY with his first black bear
taken in Essex County, NY on Nov. 7.
Rob Johnstone of Forestport took this 128-pound, 6-pointer
on Nov. 15th at the Grantville Club in northern Oneida County.
Bill Lapan
Bill LaPann's Adkrondack 8-pointer.
Fulton County
Jeffrey Williams shot this Fulton County 6-pointer on Nov. 16.

Jared Amadon of South Glens falls with a 12-pointer t
aken in Johnsburg on Nov. 14.

Indian Lake
Greg Holcomb of the Lonesome Pine Gang shot this 10 pointer
on Nov. 3 in Indian Lake The buck weighed in at 201 pounds
with a 19 3/4 inside spread.
Blue Mt. Lake
Jason Scott of Blue Mountain Lake with a BIG 6-pointer taken Nov. 5.
The buck was working a scrape line.

Ron Gates shot this buck 160-pound,
8 pointer on Nov. 12 in Minerva.
Newcomb Sportsman's Club
Gary Reed harvested this heavy 8-pointer on the
Newcomb Sportsmenís Club on Veterans Day.

Dane Insogna (right, with father, Russ with a 185-pound, 8-pointer
taken near Middle Sprite Creek in Caroga, Nov. 10.

 Fulton County
Dan Nellis with a Fulton County 8-pointer taken on Nov. 12.

Toby Brown
Toby Brown's 175-pound, 10 pointer taken
in Franklin County on Nov. 8
Wayne Welch with a180-pound, 10-pointer
taken near Schroon Lake Nov. 9.
High Hope Gang
The High Hope Gang and a wide 170-pound, 8-pointer.   

John Zeis of Wells, NY took this buck out of
Camp Longbeard on Nov. 13

Raquette Lake
Mark Shelhamer with a 170-pound,
8-pionter tracked near Raquette Lake

Tim Ladd
Tim Ladd of Lake Luzerne with
St. Lawrance County 4-pointer taken Nov. 9

Moose River Plains
Jeff Caldrone with a 9-pointer taken Nov. 9
in Morehouse, Hamilton County.

Schroon Lake
Matt Savarie of Schroon Lake with an Essex County
7-pointer taken Nov. 11

Indian Lake
Mark Mellon, age 17 of Queensbury with 177-pound,
9-pointer taken Nov. 10 in Indian Lake.

Warren Chaney of Hartdford with a 140-pound,
5-pionter taken Nov. 9 while hunting with the
Iron Site Gang near Lake George.

Adirondack Black Bear Hunting
Bucky Florian shot this 177-poiund bear when hunting
out of Camp Mixed Nuts, Salisbury, Herkimer County.

Fulton County
Ken Mowrey of Fulton County broke out his Great Grandmother's
old 30-30 and harvested a nice Adirondack 8-pointer on Nov. 8.

Hamilton County
Christian Bills with his opening day in Hamilton County
8-pointer that weighed 200-pounds

N. Hudson
Riley Shea's 135-pound, 6-pointer shot in
North Hudson on Nov. 3.
Fulton County
Stacia Sakadolsky, age 16, bagged this spike Nov 5 while hunting
with her dad in Fulton County.

Fort Ann
9 Pointer taken by Tim Powhida of Fort Edward took this 9-pointer
on Nov. 2 at TPinnacle Hunting Club in Fort Ann, NY.

Chasing Does
Dave Winney took this 180-pound, 12-pointer
on Nov. 6 in Providence.

Caroga Lake
Bryan Nestle of Van Hornesville, NY (and Uncle, James Eckler)
with Bryan's 9-pionter taken at the Bleecker Bucks Bears and Brookies Hunting Club
on Nov. 2 in Fulton County. It was Bryan's first Adirondack buck.

Little Notch
Jeff Czajkowski of South Glens Falls with a unique
120-pound, 3-pointer taken in Hogtown.

Lonesome Pine Gang
Greg Holcomb of South Glens Falls shot this 201-pound, 10 pointer Nov. 3rd
in Indian Lake while hunting with lthe Lonesome Pine Gang.
Casey Brook
A 189-pound, 7-pointer taken Nov. 7 at the
Caseybrook Valley Club in Newcomb.
Racker Vly
The Racker Vly Huting Club in the Town of Bleecker, Fulton County,
had a good opening day. The spike horn was shot by Kevin Krohn and
the 183-pound, 8-pointer by Mark Miller.
Matt Nolan of Peru killed this 9-pointer,
St. Lawrence County on Nov 2.
Jim King of Watertown with his 8-point 152-pound,
 No-Luc Lodge on Nov. 3 near Stillwater Reservoir.

Liam Brigg's with a 120-pound, spike horn taken Nov. 3  in Newcomb.
Black Bear
Dan Reed of Oswego with a black bear taken out of
remote tent camp in Colton.
John Greco grunted this fine 8-pointer into gun
range on Nov. 3, in Hogtown.
Indian Lake
Art Thivierge of Schuylerville with a big 8-pionter taken
Nov. 3 at Camp No Buck in Indian Lake.
(They may have to change their name!!!)
Iron Site Gang
Ron Nadler and the Iron Site Gang (east) with 4-pointer taken
Nov. 3 in Hogtown.
Adirondack Black Bear
Jerry Zorechak of Paul Smith's College with a 142-pound black bBear
taken in Franklin County on October 30, 2013.

Jim Bubb
Jim Bubb of Mechanicville with  a 200-pound,
8-pointer taken opening weekend in Hamilton County
Lake Desolation
Ray Putney with a 150-pound, 8-pionter taken
near Lake Desolation, Saratoga County.
Hadley Luzerne
Frank Tetrault of Hadley with his first buck, 197-pound,
8-pointer with a 20 1/4-inch spread, taken in Thurman.
Herkimer County Buck
Scott Shufelt and the Mill Brook gang with a
10-point Herkimer County buck.
Devin Pratt with a crotched spike horn taken
Oct. 27 in Queensbury.
North Hudson
Robert Shea took this 199-pound, 10 pointer
in North Hudson with a rifle he built himself.


The Early Seasons

Jason McCann with his Washington County
145-pound, 4-pointertaken Oct. 2

Rack Pack
Ben Peters of the Rack Pack killed this Essex County
4-pointer on Oc. 19 (muzzleloading season). It weighed 222-pounds
and aged by DEC biologists  at 5.5 years old
Rheal Beaudet Jr. of West Fort Ann with his
muzzlelaoding 8-pointer taken Oct. 25.

Ben Secor of Remsen with an Onieda County 6-pointer
taken Oct. 15 (archery season)
Rack Pack
This Essex County 210-pound, 8-pointer was killed by Tom "Two-Guns" Pavlesich
of the Rack Pack on opening day of Muzzleloader Season.
Rene Stehle of Queensbury, NY with a muzzleloading 10-pointer
taken Oct. 25 in Luzerne.
Rack Pack
The Rack Pack of Essex County had their best single day ever,
with four bucks and a doe taken on opening day of muzzleloader season,
including two over 200-pounds.
Trey DiNitto
Like Father, Like Son: Trey DiNitto shot this fine spike
during the 2013 youth deer hunt.
Joe DiNitto - Adirondack Hunter
Joe DiNitto wasted no time tracking down a nice
buck when snow hit the ground on Oct. 24, during
the early muzzleloading season.

Jeff Smith
Taxidermist Jeff Smith harvested this fine buck in
Long Lake during the early muzzleloading season.

Warren County Deer Hunting
John Liberty took this 173-pound, 7-pointer with
the Whipple Club (Warren County)
during the early muzzleloading season.
Muzzleloading in the Adirondacks
Mike Smith of Thurman and his crew with a 155-pound,
8-pointer taken with the smoke pole. This was Mike's
first buck!

First Buck
Josh Benway took his first deer ever with his
muzzleloader in Indian Lake.
Youth Hunt
14-year-old Lewis Azlar of Mechanicville shot
his first deer, a spike horn, during the youth hunt shortly
after taking his hunter-ed course.
Scott Maille filled his freezer with a 103-pound
doe taken out ofa camp located in Ellenburg, NY.
Adirondack Black Bear
Jim King from Watertown, NY with his 238-pound
black bear taken Oct. 20  with a muzzleloader
out of No-Luc Lodge near Stillwater Reservoir. (Herkimer Co.)
First Adirondack Buck
Brendon Crowningshield, age 17, (right) and his dad,
Pete, with Brendon's first buck.

Cubby Buttons
Fisherman Ron "Cubby Buttons" Nadler of Corinth with his
openening day of muzzlelaoder spike.
QDM Co-op
Ted Meade of South Glens Falls with a 200-pound, 8-pointer
recently taken from a QDM Co-op in Washington County.
Stevie Kross, age 14 with a fine 8-pointer
taken during the 2013 youth deer hunt.

Youth Hunting in the Adirondacks
Gabe Smith, age 13, of Queensbury arrowed this
130-pound, 6-pointer on Oct. 2
Franklin County
Hunter Moon, age 16, of Bloomingdale double-lunged this doe at 8-yards.
Taken on Oct. 2 It was his first deer!
Bloomingdale, NY
Randy Beckwith of Bloomingdale with a Franklin County
taken Oct. 2. It's a 145-pound, 8-pointer.
Essex County Youth Hunt
Recent youth pheasant hunt ponsored by the
Essex County Fish and Game League. Willsboro, NY.
Lake Champlain Duck Hunting
Kristian Chaney - Hartford, NY - Age 13
Lake Champlain Youth Waterfowl Season
Adirondack Bow Hunting
John haresign - Hannibal, NY
124-pound, 4-pointer
Oceola, Lewis County - Sept. 29, 2013
Adirondack Bear Hunting
Nate Pettengill
Adirondack Black Bear
Lewis County - Early bear season
Kevin Faux
Kevin Haux's first duck hunt
Washington County, Youth Waterfowl Season
Youth Waterfowl
Logan Dyer, Age 12 with Daisy the retriever
Warren County, Youth Waterfowl Season


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Suggestions for taking quality photos of harvested game.
  • Try to take photos in the woods before you field dress your animal.  These are always better than truck beds and garages.
  • Experiment with different camera angles.
  • Keep the light on the hunter's face and on the game and pull your hat brim up to avoid shadows and to show your handsome face!
  • Clear away as much blood as possible and put the deer's tongue back in its mouth.
  • Try to avoid having alcohol and cigarettes in your photos.
  • Be sure to include the gun or bow you used.
  • Multiple bucks on a meat-pole are always good!
  • Party/group shots are good too!
  • So are shots with kids!
  • On all but the brighest days use a flash to fill in the shadows, even if your camera tells you it's not needed. 
  • Fill the viewfinder with your subject.  So many shots in general have too much dead space around the subject.  You don't need a too much headroom, just a little.
  • Use the automatic (AUTO) setting on your digital camera for most shots plust the flash.
  • Sports settings work good on moving subjects because the shutter speed is fast.
  • For your personal purposes try to use the hightest qualiy setting on a digital camera. That will be the one that offers the least amount of photos. These pictures will be of excellent quality for printing and sharing with others.  However, these same photos represent very large computer files. When emailing them to anyone, including,  you should only send one or two images per email.  If you have the know-how to reduce the size and resolution of your photos for emailing than by all means do so. BUT, be sure to save a copy of the original for yourself first and copy the others from that.  We like 100dpi (dots per inch) photo resolution cropped at 4x6-inches (288x432 pts) for this Web site, which is a little higher quality than your standard Email resolution of 72 dpi.  We alter hi-res images to lower-res for the Internet so they upload quicker on the reader's end and still look good on your monitor.
  • Tell as much or as little about your hunt.  We like to know the names of the hunters, antler points, weight, date and at least the county where the animal was taken along with whatever details you may or may not want to provide.
  • Most of all, we want you to preserve your memories for yourself and future hunters so take plenty of photos.
  • Best of luck and as always, thanks for sharing!