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Classic Photos Page

We wanted to take a look back at some of the best photos we've received since launching in this site in 2000.  So we dug into the archives and found some old photos. These photos are not always of the biggest bucks, they're just good photos that capture a moment or tell a story.  But, there are some dandy Adirondack bucks taken each year and we're lucky to get to see them and have included some of those here as well.

If you get a great photo this season please send it along and we'll put it on our photos and other pages.  Tell us as little, or as much as you like about your hunt. Email photos to buck@adkhunter or

Adirondack Bucks: through the years


Town of Day
Justin Hayes took this 185-pound, 7-pointer on Nov. 10
in the Town of Day in Saratoga County.
Harlan French tracked down this 10-pointer near
Raquette Lake on Nov. 24.
French Lou
Louis French tracked this buck down Nov. 24
near Raquette Lake.
Frank DeSantis took this 165-pound, 9-pointer in
Hamilton County on Nov. 26.
12-point Adirondack buck
Martin Nestle of Hartford, NY shot this 12-point
buck in Fort Ann on Nov. 16.
Horn Hunters of the Adirondacks
Pete Bruno of the Horn Hunters shot this 160-pound,
11 pointer on Dec. 1 in Essex County.
Black Bear
Dan Reed of Oswego with a black bear taken out of
remote tent camp in Colton.
Blue Mt. Lake
Jason Scott of Blue Mountain Lake with a BIG 6-pointer taken Nov. 5.
The buck was working a scrape line.
Racker Vly
The Racker Vly Huting Club in the Town of Bleecker, Fulton County,
had a good opening day. The spike horn was shot by Kevin Krohn and
the 183-pound, 8-pointer by Mark Miller.
Hamilton County Bucks
This 210-pound 8-pointer was taken on Dec. 4by Drew Peacock while
hunting out of Camp Squaw in Hamilton County.

Alan Brown
Alan Brown with his 10-pointer taken on the second day of muzzleloading (Oct. 14)
in Hamilton County. The buck scaled 242 pounds dressed out
and was green scored at 147 inches.

Lake George
Dave Howard arrowed this opening day 176-pound,
8-pionter in Lake George, Warren County.
The youth hunt paid off for Stacia Sakadolsky of Northville, NY,
who hunted with her dad to harvest her first buck near Stanfordville, NY.

You Hunt in NY
 Steven Duell of Queensbury got his first buck, a 130-pound,
, during the youth hunt.

John Hammill of the Weller Mountain Club in the northern
Adirondacks with a 215-pound, 9-pointer taken Nov. 14.
Adirondack guide Joe Hackett
Adirondack licensed guide and outdoor writer
Joe Hackett killed this 10-pointer late in the season.
Fred Stannard of Queensbury bagged this 12-pointer
Nov. 25, in northern Warren County.

Frankklin County
Andrew Caron, age 15, with a big 8-pointer
taken Dec. 1 in Franklin County.

Randy Caron with a wide 10-pointer
taken Dec. 1 in Franklin County.
Lake George
Keith Monroe of Lake George with a 10-pointer
Salerno Brothers of the Adirondacks
The Salerno family had another great year with three late season bucks taken by Pat, Randy and Tim!
Rick Esch of Forestport, NY. took this 185-pound, 10-pointer on
Nov. 4 out of the family tent camp in Herkimer County.
Herkimer County
Dennis Esch of Barneveld, NY took this 170-pound, 8-pointer
Nov. 25th out of his family's tent camp in Herkimer County.
Follensby Pond
Gerald Thomas of Potsdam with a 190-pound, 15-pointer taken
Nov. 3, 2012 from Follensby Park Gate House Camp,
Tupper Lake NY.
Paul Watson with a 154-pound, 13-pointer taken in
Essex County.
Big Adirondack Buck
Donn Rifenburg of Long Lake with a 183-pound,
14-pionter taken in Essex County.

Franklin County
Stephen DuFlo's 165-pound, 8-pointer taken in
Franklin County Thanksgiving weekend.

Essex County
Brendan Quirion of Saranac Lake and John Schroeder of
Middleburgh, NY took this pair of 8-pointers in Essex County.

brunner falls
The Brunner Falls Gang of Rob Barkley Jr. (8-pointer),
Ben Barkley (9-pointer), and Mike Barkley Sr. (7-pointer)
took these Adirondack bucks while hunting the
Sylvan Falls Club in late November.

Carl D
Carl DeCesare of Schroon Lake, NY with is
170-pound, 10-pointer taken Nov. 25.

Essex County
Ed Allen, 176-pound 10-pointer,
taken in Essex County on Nov. 26.

Day, NY
 This Buck was taken on opening morning by Bill Weatherwax while hunting on the CVS club in the Town of Day.

Rut n  Buck
Matt St. Onge killed this nice 9 pointer with the Rut-N-Buck
hunting club in Hamilton County. This is his first
Adirondack buck!

James King
Jim King of Watertown N.Y. with a 160-pound,
9-pointer taken near the Stillwater Reservoir hunting
out of No-Luc Lodge.

Essex County
Mike DeZalia of Voorheesville, N.Y. with a
160-pound, 13-pointer wth a 23- spread taken
Nov. 17 in Essex County.

16-point Adirondack Buck
Joe Koch with a16-pointer taken Dec. 6 near
Schroon Lake during the late muzzlelaoding season.
Long Lake
Andy Pauls of Long Lake with a 175-pound,
9-pointer taken in Long Lake.
Salerno Brothers
Pat Salerno Jr. with another big Adironack buck.
This 14-pointer weighed 232-pounds and measures nearly 160-inches. Be sure to visit the Salerno Brother's website:
Indian Lake
Pat Galusha of Warrensburg with a wide-racked
156-pound buck taken in Indian Lake on Nov. 26.
This 8 pointer was killed by Bill Seils on Nov. 13, 2011 in
Hamilton County. Based on chest measurements the buck was
estimated to weight 214 (plus) pounds field dressed.
Mark Shelhamer with a 145-pound, 11-pointer taken
Dec. 2 in Herkimer County.
Fort Ann
Scott Baldwin of West Fort Ann with his 200-pound,
8-pointer taken Oct. 30 in the Lake George Wild Forest.
Schroon Lake
Drew Hanchett of Schroon Lake with a 20-inch
spread, 153-pound, 10-pointer taken on Nov. 26
in Essex County.
Alan brown buck
Alan Brown's Hamilton County 9-pointer that weighed
205-pounds taken Nov. 24
Jim King
Jim King of Watertown hunting out of No-Luc Lodge shot this 168-pound, 8-pointer on buck Nov. 28th near Stillwater Reservoir (Herkimer County).


Hamilton County
Jeff Calderone of Huntington Station NY with 207-pound, 8-pointer taken on Nov. 9 in. Hamilton County

Tupper Lake Buck
Greg Murray of Potsdam killed this deer 175-pound, 12-pointer on the last day of the 2010 rifle season whild hunting out of the Follensby Pond Gate House Club, Franklin County near Tupper Lake.This is on dandy Adirondack buck!!
Herkimer County Hunting
Brian Esch, of Remsen took this 175-pound, 10 pointer on
Nov. 6 while hunting with his son Rick out of their
tent camp in Herkimer Co.

Adirondack Deer Trackers
Known Adirondack deer trackers Jim Massett, Joe DiNitto and Steve Grabowski all got their bucks in the centralAdirondacks on the last weekend of the northern zone rifle season. 
Big 12 Point Buck
Bob Tripp of Fort Ann killed this 150-pound,
12-pointer on the last weekend of the northern zone
rifle season in his hometown.
tHadley Hunting
Matt Harris of Hadley with a 152-pound,
10-pointer taken in Saratoga Couty

Rod Boula of Keene, NY with a 174-pound, 11-pointer
taken near Newcomb.

Paul Hennessey out of the NRC in Indian Lake
with a 178-pound, 10-Pointer taken on a still-hunt on Nov. 21.

Dave Vermeulen of Corinth with a big 6-pointer
(172-pounds) taken on Oct. 30.

Essex County
Hunter Moon, age 14, with his first buck:
an Essex County 11-pointer
Tupper Lake
Patrick Varden shot this 208-pound monster while
still hunting in a hemlock swamp near Tupper Lake
Both main beamís  24-inches!
Josh McKiernan of Moriah, NY with a 178-pound,
8-pointer taken on Nov. 27.
 Rich Ryan
Rich Ryan of Queensbury, NY with a 240-pound, 10-pointer
taken at the Milebrook Sportsmans Club in the Town of
Santa Clara, Franklin County NY on Nov. 10.
18-years-old Gavin Dominy of  Colton, NY with
an Adirondack 8-pointer.
Ti Crew
The Ticonderoga crew: Bob, Steve, Eddie, Shawn, Brian,
Mike and Tommy with a fine Essex County buck.
Schroon Lake Deer Hunting
Alan M. DeCesare shot this 195-pound, 12-pointer on
Nov.13 in Schroon Lake with his father Alan DeCesare.

Big Bucks in the Adirondacks
Alvin Austin with a big northern Adirondack buck
NY Whitetail Classic
Michelle Donahue with a 200.5pound, 9-pointer taken in
Warren County early in the season.

Long Lake Buck
Dedicated Adirondack hunter John Czebiniak tracked this big
8-pointer all day near Long Lake. He caught up to him!

The Gordon family (Aaron, Nate & Bill) of West Fort Ann
had a great hunting season in the Blue Ridge Wilderness.
A 145-pound, 8 pointer & 160-pound,7-pointer
A Warren County 6-pointer
Warren County
Joe Ellis (with a proud future hunter) shot this 175-pound,
10-pointer in Warren County on Nov. 2   

Backyard Boyz
Backyard Boyz
St. Lawrence County
Hudson Falls, NY
Kyle Kolar of Hudson Falls, killed this 155 pound 10 pointer
on Dec. 5 while hunting with his father Brien Kolar.
Ben Secor or Remsen with his Hamilton County tent camp
10-pionter that weighed 185-pounds. He green scores 159" (gross), 18 3/4-inch spread.
NY Whitetail Classic
Cliff Steinauer's prize winning13-pointer from Warren County.
He also got a bear with his muzzleloader earlier in 2009
Essex County
Junior hunter Oliver Armstrong killed his first buck on No. 22 in Essex County. It was an 8-ponter that weighed 155-pounds.
Oliver removed his orange outer-wear prior to the photo.

18-point buck taken in the Adirondacks
Howard Fuller's 18-pointer taken on Dec. 14, the last day
of the 2008 late muzzleloading season near Ticonderoga, NY.
Fort Ann, NY
Abbey Wade of Fort Ann was six-months pregnant
when she shot this big 10-pointer from her grandfather's turkey
stand on Nov. 20, 2008.

Jim Burroughs took this 170-pound, 17-pointer from a tree stand in Edinburgh, NY. 
This is by far one the best of the 2007 Adirondack bucks we saw.

Hunting in Lake George
17-year-old Josh McMahon of Lake George with a big 8-pointer he took
on Nov. 15 in his hometown

Oneida County
Stephen Buff of Latham killed this 144-pound, 6-pointer 
in Constantia in Oswego Country on the last day of the Northern Zone rifle season.

Brant Lake
 Aaron John Baker of Brant Lake killed this 10-pointer during the early muzzleloading season on Oct. 16., 2006 
The buck took first place overall in the
2006-07  New York Whitetail Classic

Long Lake Hunting
Jeff McDonald of Fort Edward shot this big 7-pointer in Long Lake, NY on Nov. 5, 2006

Hunting in Newcomb, NY
Elijah Beldon of Fort Ann killed this 185-pound, 12-pointer on Nov. 21, 2006
 in Newcomb as it trailed a doe


Schroon Lake Buck

Alan DeCesare of Schroon Lake killed this buck
but his little girl gets the photo nod.


The Salerno Brothers consistently take large Adirondack bucks in the 200-pound range. Here's Tony's 2005 buck.  Visit their website at


Kane Sprague of Moriah killed this dandy buck near his hometown. 
What a great buck and photo.

Long Lake
Todd Malory of Ft. Edward, NY took this 12-pointer in Long Lake in 2005

New York State Big Buck Club

George Davidson killed this 9-pointer in Hamilton County in 2004.
It scored164-5 and can be found on page 11 of the
New York State Big Buck Club's 13th edition of the
 Whitetail Record Book of NYS.


My Uncle Warren Ladd of Fort Ann, NY killed this 8-pointer in Hogtown, NY


Here's Jon Parker again of Athol, with his 2004 beauty.

High Peaks Hunting
Jim Monroe took this drop-tined buck in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks in 2004.

Stony Creek
The most recent addition to our Classic Buck page,
Luke Pettys with a Stony Creek
monster from 2003.

Big Adirondack Buck
Central New York resident Ray Porzio shot this
Central Adirondack buck on his birthday, 
Nov. 16, 2002.

Adirondack Moose

My friend and expert archer Dick Sage of Queensbury sent me this photo
of an Adirondack Moose. 

Hunting Fort Drum

This monster was taken by this by Tony Dumaw of Carthage, NY on Fort Drum in 2002. 
Don't quote me on this, but I believe this buck is on display at the
Gander Mountain Store in Watertown, NY

Northern Adirondacks

Charlie Mead of Kingsbury, NY demonstrates the effective use of snow-camo
when he took this Northern Adirondack buck in 2002

Hogtown, NY
Steve Sawn killed this 2001 7-pointer in Hogtown, NY

Hogtown, NY

I hate pictures of myself, except with a nice buck like this 8-pointer which I shot with my little 30-30
about three weeks after launching this Web site.


Horn Hunters

One of the most popular groups of Adirondack hunters is the Horn Hunters who continue to trek miles into the wilderness and set up a remote hunting camp each deer season.  They were featured in the Dec. 1983 issue of Outdoor Life magazine and continue to do seminars throughout the region. And... kill plenty of bucks!

Ron Nadler of West Fort Ann killed this buck in Speculator in the late 1980's

Hamilton County Monster Buck
Jim Cromme killed this buck in Griffin, NY in 1998
Net Typical B&C Gross: 178 Net: 166